Thursday, 3 January 2013

Writing, writing, writing!

I'm currently sipping at a black coffee (new years resolution, skim a few calories off my diet!) and sat in a coffee shop being the sterotypical writer who has nothing better to do other than gaze out of the window thinking artistic thoughts.

Expect I'm thinking about how much I hate hub gears, even if I don't fully understand how they work. My luck has finally turned, and I now find myself with my first ever 'proper' writing job. To say I was pleased as punch until I got onto trying to describ a hub gear. Overall it's taught me a lot about deadlines, and that I MUST MUST keep in touch with the people I'm working for. It's a part of me, I can go quiet, even with the ease of sending an email. Strangely in person I'm chatty, probably far too chatty, but with the internet I like to keep quiet.

I have a new writing position on an online magazine, Heart of Glass. I found it through the NaNoWriMo website, a user had been a writer on there. So I thought why not. It keeps my writing in shape, and I get to share my opinion with the world, happy days! Just wait until the comments come in disagree with me though! 

I'm down to my last two pieces for the writing job. I can't quite call myself a copywriter yet, I think I need a little more experience, but I've got my foot in the door at least. And how my fingers are hurting a lot more these days, too much writing, but it's want I want to do. Maybe Apple will invent a robot to do it all for me, and something to put my socks on too. Those will be the days.

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