Monday, 13 May 2013

Freelance Life

Wow, three months since my last post? Quite a lot has happened since then. So quick update:

I went from wanting to rent a place to buying one, then realised how expensive buying a house was (a few thousand just for the paperwork, then borrow the deposit off the bank of mum and dad) I felt I wasn't ready, so then I went back to the idea of renting. Found a perfect one bedroom flat in a nice area in a converted mill building. Fully furnished including TV and the white goods. Good all round deal except the sofa is truly truly past it. I mean it's on its last legs, it's saggier than a middle age WAG who's missed her botox appointment cos her hubby was cheating again and she had to go to court to stand by his side....but I digress there.

So I've moved out, sort of officially an adult now, got bills and rent to pay. I can arrange my collection of vintage inspired floral mugs in whatever order I want. I mop up every little crumb and stain after every meal and cup of coffee I make. I am all about getting this nice place nice. My social life is slowly improving, I can entertain and have people over for coffee without having to get called onto the bar at a moment's notice. I have a fancy coffee machine that dispenses freshly ground coffee. And it's red. It was half price, I can't be too fussy. 

My freelance writing work is pretty steady, it's a tough lesson learning to answer to a boss via email, and imagine his harsh tone when over the phone he's very pleasant and nice. Freelance deadlines are much much more stressful than uni ones. Not just a good grade but also future work and money hang on the quality of my work. On the whole my days are free, so I have to fill in the lance bit. I'm learning about how to search out new clients, even if the pay is a little low, it's all about adding to my portfolio.

I can't really define myself as truly freelance yet, I take in the term that I am working remotely and  whilst I am not technically employed by the company, they are my main source of work at the moment. I still work two part time jobs to cover rent and bills, so I do have a back up if the freelance does dry up. Moving out has been a gamble, but this is my chance to really start making a career. 

I actually have one, a career. One I've got on my own without pulling any favours.

Now excuse me, I think my coffee machine is calling me. I'm going to need my fix today. 

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