Monday, 24 June 2013

Shaking off the holiday feeling

I've had a family holiday for the first time in nearly 5 years. It was meant to be just my mum and I, but at the last moment we asked my brother (not expecting a reply) who said yes after he got his passport sorted out. It was a week's inclusive at Lanzarote, warm weather, not too much sunburn and plenty of duty free alcohol. Well, when you go on holiday with your mum and your brother there won't be much heavy drinking going on but we went for a nice steak a couple times and thoroughly chilled and relaxed.

This brings me to the conclusion that holiday is not the best place to do any kind of writing beyond writing rude words on your friend's back in sun cream. I took my laptop (mum argued the ipad mini was worth too much and my netbook was too slow) and paid for wireless in the room. So did I get all of the work done early on? 

I probably spent more time reading over my novels than anything else. It gave me some ideas for the editing etc, but my brother also borrowed my laptop for a good portion of the time. He achieved a fair amount of creative writing, more than I have in weeks. I got it all done in time, but on the last day of course. I'm a deadline writer, I need someone standing over me with a threatening look and a hot cup of coffee they might just threaten to throw over me.

The last few days were hectic, squeezing in to see friends and working at my care job, but today, I woke up feeling a bit 'blargh', but have knuckled down and achieved a few emails at least and half organised my bedroom. The holiday feeling has gone, but not one I miss to be honest, the passive aggressive stress wasn't nice, and it's good to get back to my life.

I've been thinking about the purpose of this blog and where I want to take it, I need to start marketing my creative writing better, so many people are doing it successfully these days. 

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