Friday, 29 November 2013

Career Expansion Time

My last few entries haven't been the most positive or most uplifting, a poor reflection on myself a person. Generally I am happy and people seem to think I'm nice to be around, but recently I have felt something creeping in almost unseen and unheard. 


I've been getting a bit bored with my jobs, I feel that it's not exactly leading me anywhere career wise. Having a fulfilling job is a strange idea to me. Feeling passionate about something isn't something I've felt for a long time, and copy writing doesn't exactly get my blood flowing. I'm not half bad at copy writing when I set myself to it, after all I'm a creative writer. The advice often goes that you shouldn't have a job related to writing, and I'm now a firm believer of that. I see copy writing as a skill rather than a job title, I've spent the last year writing all sorts of copy, and I feel I can expand my skills into a sector such as marketing, that way I can possibly start climbing up a ladder towards something. 

So I've come back to the good old fashioned internship route, it's the best way to find some experience, and if it's remote it can save me a bit of money in commuting, as I don't really have the chance to get away from my current part time jobs to afford London rail tickets.

So on this decision I have decided to pause my freelance writing activities on, it's been a great website to help me figure out my career for the last few months, but writing copy just isn't making me happy, it's a means to an end. 

So, it's time to mix it up and give the big wide world a proper go.

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