Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Toy

I caved in a few days ago and bought myself a blackberry PlayBook. It's a neat little thing but I don't think I could type hundreds of words on here given how small the keyboard is. The best part is that I can use my phone as a mouse and keyboard. Maybe with some practice I'll get the hang of this.

Overall I think it could be good for my writing once I get a decent wireless keyboard so I don't strain my neck looking down at this whilst it's in my lap. The documents to go is basic but good, it's very usable for quick stories or notes on the go. More so it can fit in my handbag!!!

I joined a website called my writers circle which is an online forum. Feeling a I wasn't getting much writing done a member suggested I do the monthly flash fiction challenge. I threw something together a and entered it. Few days later I found out I had won! The prize is that I get to host the next monthly challenge. Should be fun to see what people make of my prompt.

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