Saturday, 4 August 2012

Work Experience

I have a cup of decaff coffee (the weary writer's best friend) and some time to myself, so I thought I'd better update this little place of the going ons (or lack of) of my literary life.

Big Fat Zero.

Well, not quite. I've been volunteering for a new organisation which is proving you need to be focused and disciplined (which I haven't got much of at the moment) to get work done for someone else. The vague deadline of my dissertation is looming ever closer, but I am slowly chipping away at it. There's been little support for the dissertation so far, so I'm going with the freedom of what I want to do and hope it actually gets a passable mark. I want to do well, but my marks so far as good passes (average of marks in the 60's). 

To add an excuse, my work life has become a bit more demanding since my dad is away from the pub during the week, even though we have bar staff, time just seems to crawl away from me at the moment. Of course there are the mornings wasted when I sit in front of the computer surfing the internet. Damn you internet! Excuse over now, I've gotta pull my socks up and achieve something this year.

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