Thursday, 8 August 2013

Scoring P's....

This isn't a new street drug that I'm addicted to, it's plain ole penicillin. Working nearly 40 hours over 4 days really took it out of me, and on Monday I had to do some cheating and lying to get seen by a local doctor (my other surgery won't see me because I've moved without telling them...) and low and behold was given a nice course of antibiotics for a very very bad throat.

This stuff is great, it sends me out with the fairies. Not so good for a freelancer writer's life when the deadlines aren't considerate of you feeling unwell. Monday night I felt weepy and frustrated, I don't take being ill very well. A normal cold I march on through, it's just lots of lemsip and sleep time, but with a sore throat that felt like I was swallowing razor blades, I went home to my parents.

Tuesday night I struggled to write some bits on a new project, it involves a lot of research and it's taking a while to get the hang of the period and all the dates, but once I get a handle on it and what the client wants, I'll be away. The history of Nelson is fascinating, my memory for useless facts will do well out of this. is yielding odd bits and pieces here, I seem to be winning jobs all of a sudden which I'm very pleased about. September looks to be a very good month!

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