Wednesday, 4 September 2013

There's click clacking but it's not the keyboard....

I've been to see a local chiropractor. After nearly a year of putting up with weakness and pain in my left knee I finally made the important call and got myself checked out. I did try the GP first but I got sort of waved off and sent to the physio. The physio was a lovely, lovely young woman about my age, and she did mean well but I felt the treatment she offered me wasn't right for me (stretches weren't going to cut it.)

So I had my first consultation a few weeks back, and here's the list of all my aliments:

  • flat feet (that was a shock)
  • Kneecaps getting pulled in
  • twisted pelvis
  • Trapped nerve in lower back,
  • my head isn't sitting quite right on my spine ( I always knew that was the case, just a 5 minute chat with anyone could confirm my head isn't on properly.)
  • plus other issues in my neck and arms.

He's been strapping my knee up, generally unpleasantly twisting and cracking my head off, the first time it took my by surprise that I swore. The next one I call the 'Russian', I have to lie on my side in a positon like a drunk cockroach trying to do a Russian kick, and then my chiropractor will somehow twist and push on my back to get the most horrible click from my spine. Thankfully he only does it once. Then I pay him for the pleasure of shifting my bones about and merrily and loosely wobbly my way back home to wait to repeat it again next week. 

I think all the typing over the last few months has got my left wrist feeling very sore and bad at times, I've invested in a wrist rest, moved my chair into every position imaginable, tried to sit better, sit worse, the pain if just horrible. So last night I downloaded dragon naturally speaking. Now this is an alien concept for me, having to speak to my computer. My mouth and brain are loosely connected at the best of times, my brain and fingers are probably on better speaking terms. I think I need some mental training to bridge the gap of what my brain says to what my mouth actually says. It's going to take some getting use to, but the idea of lying back on the sofa ditacting my story to the laptop is quite appealing, it'll give my arms a bit of a break too. I can have the horrible ordeal of lifting a glass of wine to my lips once in a while. Sounds like a good plan to me.

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