Monday, 30 December 2013

A year in perspective

2013 was an interesting year for me with many firsts....but I don't feel it's been my best. I think over the last year the pressures of adult life have really caught up with me, and somehow along the way when I thought I was really free, I feel more tied down than ever before. But that's a state of mind, one I need to work hard to change. 

In 2013 the major achievements were:

  • Graduating with a Masters in Creative Writing
  • Getting paid freelance work
  • Moving out into my own flat and being financially independent
  • Meeting my wonderful boyfriend and being together for over four months and a day (hey, I'm not counting that closely)
Major revelations of 2013:
  • Living on your own is expensive, and sometimes quite stressful making ends meet on a below min wage income
  • Time runs away from you when there's things to tidy and put away. I rather like organising my bedroom, it can be fun.
  • Getting paid to write does not always mean that it's fun.
  • Somehow in the day to day stuff I've lost that sense of magic creative writing used to bring me. 

Now I'm not a huge believer of new year resolutions, but writing needs to be back in my life, I'm missing something. My blog for the last two years has been me whinging, and life is too short for that. Time to write.

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