Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Year Resolutions

I can't believe it's almost half way through January, don't ask me what I've been up to recently, I'm honestly not sure! Now everyone will have the usual new year resulotions to shift a few pounds, get healthier, eat less etc, and I'm not far off that either. I was rather shocked to find I've got to my heaviest ever, but rather than dieting, I've decided to change my attitude to eating and learn to listen to my body a bit more.

My other new resolution is to get back into the freelance writing, I know I've griped about it, but needs must for money. I think the break has really helped me, and I know I need to make a few other changes and get on looking for a better job with career prospects. As mum said, I need a career, not a job. 

I also need to be less self focused, I did the unforgivable of forgetting Mum's birthday on Wednesday. I have never before done that, somehow over the last few months I've got more self focused but not in a positive way. I did have a job interview but god that was still awful of me to forget until the afternoon. Even worse my brother and dad had forgotten! It's been hard not to look past the end of my nose at the moment due to stresses of money and general life, but I need to be more cheerful and less weighed down by everything. 

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