Monday, 1 October 2012

The Leaves are Turning

It's gently come to that time of year where winter in on my doorstep. The leaves are just starting to set on fire  and have not yet engulfed the trees in their inferno. I don't know why I love this time of year so much, but the air feels fresh, it speaks of winter around the corner. It does of course promise wet afternoons, cold evenings, but the rare days of dry sunshine are so rewarding. I adore the harvest moon as well, so big and bright, the halo of moonlight that glows on a clear night.

I have finished my MA, and celebrated with a friend from the course in the proper student fashion, ie, ending up on the bus drunk at 6 in the evening. Quite fun, a bit strange, a great day to feel the relief of no more deadlines. For a time anyway. I'm currently volunteering for an online woman's charity, which I may have to pack in soon for other work. It makes a good mark for my CV, but I am due to start a new care job that pays well. I have time to sleep when I'm dead, I joke. 

Next week I'm off to volunteer for the Manchester Literature festival which promises to be interest and a great time. It's just booking somewhere cheapish to stay. Staying in a dorm room isn't the best for me, given my talking in sleep tendencies.

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