Sunday, 21 October 2012

Where literature leads you.

This week has been a bit of an adventure. I got to write my first ever tripadvisor review, and I wasn't a total bitch about it. Sure the service could have been better, but for £30 for a night in Manchester, I can't complain about the fact the woman serving breakfast gave me ideas for a story, (as well as getting her life story in 5 mins...).

It's funny how you end up meeting famous people you aren't overly bothered about.  I know a bit about Red Dwarf, and that it's had a revival in its new series. I didn't know the name of the actor who plays Kryten until someone at the event I was volunteering at mentioned it. Since it was quiet duty wise, I got to sit in on the event and listened to an hour's delightful readings from various talented writers.

I text my friend to say Robert Llewellyn was reading, and it was funny to imagine how she was reacting to the news. Robert Llewellyn read a bit from his new book, and I was delighted at the voices he put on. Afterwards my friend begged me to get his autograph, so I shyly approached him to ask for an autograph and asked him to sign it in my friend's name. I know some famous people can get sniffy about signing any bit of paper or body part pushed at them, but he was polite and his signature put mine to shame. The boyfriend of my friend has given his blessing for me and my friend to marry. He's pretty chuffed on her behalf. So I've come away meeting someone famous and a have a marriage proposal. Time for the hers and hers bath towels.

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