Saturday, 7 April 2012

NaPoWriMo #2

Today's prompt was to pick a colour and talk stuff related to it, I deviated, but I rather like the idea of watching the Northern Lights. 

The taste of the hoarfrost,
The aura borealis,
Woven in the sky by a spider god,
Tailing of long silk, stars,
Could we taste the night,
Would it be sweet sugar,
Wrapped over our imaginations,
Kindred to the northern hemisphere,
The dark sky, too twee to call it velvet,
Even if our skin touching
Feels the same.

The hotness of our mingled breath
Expounds the night air
But not eternally beneath us,
Even a thousand hearts, hands and feet
Will melt away the tundra,
Sweet ice blues, polar bears hunting
On glades of ice, fortresses trapping
Secrets, our unknown history
Written together. 

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