Thursday, 12 April 2012


It's currently thundering outside and pouring it down with rain. The first flash did scare me because I thought someone was taking a picture of me. It's gone strangely yellow outside as well, a curious sort of hue. Strange things you notice, like how the stone wall is dry in some places, so it must be well made. Probably not so dry now though, the rains just really stepped up. Even the streets look defensive, as if they're covering their faces from the worst of the cold rain. I love the sound of it the rain hitting the conservatory roof, makes you think of being inside a glass jar. Thunder going off felt like a landmine going off, and sounds like a large plane in the sky.

Anyway, that ramblings aside. My writing seems to be coming back slowly, which is good as I have a deadline at the end of this month. It's been a bit of a struggle to shake myself out of my laziness at the moment. Internet doesn't help and my lack of will. And Ben and Jerry's on half price offer. Doing the NaPoWriMo has been good for me, flexing the creative muscles has been good warm-ups for me. The novel I started recently is starting to come together more, I'm understanding my characters better and suffering less from White Page Syndrome. Word count is currently at 7974. Not bad, it's a decent start, the characters are introduced and the setting is taking shape. I'll hit a bump in the road soon, but that's the fun part in thinking a way around it. Many novelists will think I'm rather twee and sweet getting on with a third novel, but at 22, it's too bad to say I'm on my third.

Back in my third year of university I could bang out 1000 words a day easy, but I was younger with not as much responsibility as I have now. Work hard, play hard does not apply to me. I'm a sad case of a writer when I'd rather be knitting or watching TV and eating ice-cream. But then again I am human, we have our ups and downs. I guess this is what makes the difference over art and mass produced material, that there's a touch of human in us all. 

That last blast of thunder was, to use a word a friend loves, glorious. A good note to end this blog on. 

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