Friday, 6 April 2012


I stumbled across a link to this and thought what a great idea! I need a little boost for my poetry at the moment. I generally favour fiction, but I know with poetry it is a muscle you need to keep flexing or else you'll get sudden cramp and it feels sore for a while.

The prompt today was animals. I chose to write about a hare.

I looked at his sinews,
thick snaps and twacks of
ligature and bones grinding
to ecsape the gun dogs.
But there was no victory
for this hare,
he hangs solemn like
garlic hung in the rafters
but he does not deserve
a burial or rites.
I do not weep, I am
not a little girl. Grim, my brother and
I, we set to the task of carving
him up, starting at the neck,
shaving off his fluff of
sweet furs shedding like
dandelion down, but we make no wishes.
Grim, we could be
collecting tales of hares
bounding over fields,
but ours is destined for nothing more,
sustaining, thick globs
of his glorious blood,
my first rite and my brother's passed.

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