Sunday, 21 July 2013

Got to spend money to make money

I've found some freelance pieces of work! I won my first job the other day on PPH! It was only a small blog post but the guy gave me great feedback and it's got my confidence up that I can manage myself on the website. A few things I've learnt on the way:

Put prices up since PPH take 20% (ouch!!)
Get the work done as fast as possible.
Consider the cost of advertising.

You can post an 'Hourlie' a specific service that is meant to be quick and cheap (in my case anyway), I posted a couple but only got some views. It lead me to wonder was I too cheap, or not cheap enough? I thought £7 for 500 words is very reasonable. After no fish biting, I thought 'what the heck' I'll spend the tenner to get the Hourlie featured (that's how PPH make their money, cheeky scoundrels!). I put the post up on Friday morning, went off to help with the pub for the day, and came home to find I had sold three! THREE! And one is keen on repeat business so it's keeping me busy.

Not much money, but it's a start on PPH. Hopefully I'll attain the status of Pro in no time. 

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