Monday, 22 July 2013

Okay the typewriter dream is back....

Life has a way of telling you something. Be patient and it shall happen. I went for lunch to a nice place with my mum...and so happened to see a very nice blue typewriter. Expecting a huge price tag I sheepishly asked the owner how much it was going for.

'£20.' she replied cheerfully. I gave my mum a look of 'You know how much I love you....'
Mum sighed and withdrew her purse.

But I had learnt a lesson. I got some scrap paper, fed it into the typewriter and tested all the keys. The space bar worked, the ink was a little faded but it was clear to see the machine was in good repair.

'An old man brought it in, it was his wife's and she'd had it for years. Hardly used I think,' the owner explained. 'she died a long time ago but he only got to clearing the rooms out very recently...'

Now that's some inspiration right there. Who says typewriters are useless?

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