Monday, 15 July 2013

The freelancer's struggle

I think I've had it quite easy for a young freelancer. The company I've worked for has given me a fairly steady stream of work for the last few months, but now it's hit a bit of a dry patch and I can't afford a fancy coffee with some whipped cream on it, I'm thinking it's time to go out and find some work.

I'm a member on the following websites:

Now at first I thought it'd be easy to bit and pitch my ideas for potential work, and I know I haven't been hammering it hard enough, but I feel a little bit like a flea on a dog at the moment. There are going to be hundreds of us looking and pitching for work. The bigger, stronger fleas know how to and where to get the fresh blood, and us newcomers just have to keep struggling and jumping about until we land on our break. I got my break a few months back, and I need a new one on one of these websites. I think the trouble is you need to be seasoned and have a good build of feedback, but it's a catch 22 if you can never actually get the chance to build up feedback. 

Just gotta keep trying. 

I think the other half of my problem is I don't always feel confident with the job, that I could actually deliver the work to a high standard, after all I'm competing with people who have written hundreds of guest blogs and such, and I'm a newbie with not much experience under my belt.

The best motivation is to try to imagine what it's like to sign on at the Job Centre every fortnight. I don't really fancy that. Back to the grind of finding work. If that doesn't work, you'll find me at the checkout at Tesco's.

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