Sunday, 11 November 2012

NaNoWriMo day #11-beating the story back

The last few days seem to have been so busy, I am finding it very difficult to keep on top of the word count. I sat in a coffee shop for a few hours yesterday to catch up and I feel I made progress, but I did forget to update my word count!! My stats show I am starting to lag a bit, but that's simply because weekends are very busy for me (and general running about for my parents.)

I'm enjoying the story, but now I'm finding I'm not sure where to take the next part, where the heroine has to make a home for herself in the wild. In the original fairy tale, she says 'oh no problem, I'll eat some nuts and roots, and I can use my deer for a brother for a pillow....'

Yeah right! My girl is fixing the roof, falling off the ladder, trying to climb trees and getting stuck, learning what leaves to eat and which not to. I have a nice old guy helping her out, he doesn't ask much from her, if not he's a bit lonely, and his family have all moved away.

I've got the court fleshed out a little bit, and I want to make my girls interaction with the price/king a little more interesting than in the tale where the King goes 'you are the fairest maid I ever saw, come to my castle and be my wife!'

How many girls have been won by that line? So I have the guy say it in a drug induced stupor which merely makes my girl roll her eyes. But they do fall in love. That will be fun to write, I don't know the name any of the royalty yet, but I have time for that...only 19 days left! I will beat this!! I will win! For writing is coming!

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