Thursday, 22 November 2012

NaNoWriMo #22

35,000 words to my name so far, in three weeks no less. There have been some days where I have lagged behind but managed to catch up the next day. This has made me realise a key factor which is good and bad about me:

I need deadlines.

The thought of falling behind a day, or missing that deadline has had me achieving the minimum word count at least. (some days have been better, in the region of 1800 words.) I haven't steamed ahead by many more, but I have been doing enough to keep my head above the water. Again what does that say about me? I shan't head too deeply in those waters, after all this is about writing, not my messed up psyche.

It's been a sense of elation and sometimes frustration that I have to write the 1667 words a day to achieve it. I know I am capable of writing more in a day, and some days when I've struggled I've written utter tosh (which doesn't bother me, editing is for that!). Life gets in the way, but NaNoWriMo has given me permission to tell it to bugger off and get on with my writing. It's felt great to get a novel out in such a short time, and it's again more practice for me. I haven't had time to wonder and ponder over things, just to get the characters and the story down on paper.

It's been a fantastic journey.

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