Tuesday, 6 November 2012

NaNoWriMo day #6- Onto the 10,000

Today I lost a bet. I actually lost it whilst I was at creative writing class. It's mildly annoying, as my friend has reached 10,000 words, and now I have to buy the coffee when we hang out next. But it's also fun, and amazing that he's reached the goal already! Considering he has a full time job and only squeezes some writing in at lunch, congrats to the guy!

Yesterday was busy for me, I worked in the morning, had a couple hours off, did a couple hundred words and had a busy shift in the kitchen in the evening. I guiltily dipped into my small buffer of words to help keep me on target. I've got tonight and tomorrow off, so I'm going to really go for it. I feel I'm sticking to the spirit of the month by writing everything as fresh as I can everyday. I'm not going into my buffer unless the scene is needed. I'm definitely not doing that tonight. There's wine in the fridge and I won't stop until I've got to 10,000 tonight.

See you on the other side, hopefully not too drunk though!

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